Baby Sleeping
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Teach your child how to sleep in a loving, nurturing environment.

Sasha Hawkes, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Child Sleep Consultant

About Sasha

When both of my children were born I knew that I could never let them cry on their own, that I would always be there for them to help them work through anything. I also realized that if I did not teach them how to sleep, as well as create a predictable environment for them, that my husband and I would be in for a long and chaotic journey.

Through my work as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and my experience with children and families, I have seen first hand how important it is for a child to have a safe and dependable routine. My approach is based on mindful, conscious parenting philosophies and does not involve leaving a child alone to cry.


Many parents believe that it is normal for a child not to sleep during their first years. They come to accept that their lives will be sleepless and unpredictable. This does not need to be true!

What is true, however, is that many children may have difficulty unless they are taught how to sleep.

My belief is that children need to be taught in a loving, nurturing and therapeutic environment that never allows them to cry alone. This is all part of creating a safe and predictable home for your child.

Sleep Services

I offer gentle and mindful sleep services for infants and toddlers.
These services are offered on an individual basis where I meet with the family and discuss an individual sleep plan based upon your needs.

Newborn Support Package

One in-person meeting at your home where we discuss healthy and gentle ways to help guide your child to better sleep as they grow. This packages includes personalized suggestions for your newborn as well as 4 months of phone and email support during the early months.

Basic Sleep Package

This package includes:

- One 90 minute meeting in your home
- An individualized sleep plan for your family based on your needs and goals
- E-mail and phone support for two weeks

Phone Consultation / Other

An hour long consultation where we discuss your current sleep issues and possible solutions.

Parenting Services

I offer parenting support for families with children ages 0-18 years.

1 hour phone consult

1.5 hour in-home consult

Therapy Services

Please contact me to set up a therapy appointment. I work with individuals, children and couples struggling with a multitude of challenges.
Please call for a free 15 minute consultation.



4.5 month old son

I love nursing my son to sleep but it made it impossible for my husband to put him down at night or naps. I wasn't comfortable or capable of leaving my son to cry, it literally gave me cold sweats and anxiety. With Sasha's help, she taught my husband and I how to help my son nap without nursing. He now takes 2 naps a day for 2-3 hours each! It also taught him to be able to be lowered onto his crib without my walking on eggshells fearing he would wake.


8 month old son

Teaching my son to sleep when he was six months old was one of the most profound, moving experiences of my life. Understanding that I could hold his emotions -- that I was strong enough -- created a foundation for all the parenting to come. I recommend Sasha to all my new-parent friends and even some not-so- new parents who are trying to change sleep routines that aren't working any more. We're lucky to have Sasha here in Los Angeles.


18 month old son

Sasha provides you w a gentle approach to sleep learning and is there to support you emotionally throughout the whole process. I was so against sleep training, but the method that Sasha laid out was very compassionate and loving. I never felt like I was abandoning or harming my son and now he sleeps through the night!


12 month old son

Working with Sasha changed our lives and gave us our sanity back. We implemented her methods with both of our children and they are now excellent sleepers. Her calm, soothing methods not only helped with our children but also helped calm us down and give us the tools to teach healthy sleep habits to them. We highly recommend her and her methodology for the even the hardest sleeping issues.